We practice on the island during the week exploring Pioneer Park, Island Park, and Upper Luther Burbank park. Its great to have a few local rides, but we head off island for longer weekend adventures.

On island we are able to focus on skills development and get some conditioning with loops in Pioneer Park. The team is currently not able to ride at the Bike Skills Area at Upper Luther Burbank park due to a closure of the area. Please sign the petition to re-open the bike skills area and share comments in support of the area at the Mercer Island Let’s Talk project page.

While your kids might love going to Duthie Hill, we are lucky to have a wide range of riding options to explore. Here is a short list of trails we may visit on our weekend rides or use this list to get some ideas to get some extra rides between practices.

If you like these trails, consider becoming a member of the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance to support the work on these and many more trails.